Democrat Frank Pallone is working to protect our health and safety during this crisis

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Democrat Frank Pallone is Fighting Racial Injustice

In the ongoing aftermath of the horrific murder of George Floyd Breonna Taylor and so many others, it is imperative that elected officials use every tool at our disposal to effect positive change and root out the systemic racism and discrimination African Americans have been forced to contend with for generations.

That’s why I was first in line to co-sponsor legislation that will be an important tool in the fight against inequality.  The Justice in Policing Act of 2020 was drafted to bring about much needed and well-overdue reform.  This legislation would confront systemic flaws in our society and bring about important change to address police abuse, hold law enforcement accountable, improve transparency, and create structural change that safeguards every American’s right to justice.  

We must make sure that the United States lives up to its ideals and that these ideals hold true for everyone, while also providing a wide open path for everyone in this country to achieve their dreams.


Democrat Frank Pallone for Congress Progressive Legislative Leadership

Wrote provisions of the CARES Act and Health Care Enhancement Act, which provide free coronavirus testing, improve distribution of medical supplies, and support our hospitals and health care workers.

Signed into law 3/27/2020 and 4/24/2020, respectively

Prime sponsor of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which requires government negotiation for drug prices.

Passed House of Representatives 12/12/2019

Co-authored the Affordable Care Act and continues to fight to expand and strengthen health care for everyone.

Signed into law 3/23/2010

As Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, drafted the Clean Future Act to combat the climate crisis and achieve a 100% clean energy economy.

Released 1/28/2020

Co-sponsor of the Justice in Policing Act, which seeks to end unjust use of force, stop racial profiling, and hold police accountable.

Passed the House of Representatives, 6/25/2020

Composed provisions of the Moving Forward Act that would create jobs by cleaning up toxic waste sites, ensuring clean drinking water, and expanding internet service while rebuilding America's infrastructure.

H.R. 2 as amended 6/22/2020

Democrat Frank Pallone has been holding the Trump Administration accountable for its failed response to the coronavirus pandemic with investigations and oversight actions, including bringing a whistleblower to testify before his committee.

Leadership During Crisis.

Democrat Frank Pallone for Congress.

FRANK PALLONE, Jr. for U.S. House of Representatives

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